Facts & figures


The stadium provides room for 22.012 spectators. 17.916 in three standing-room-only-stands.




The 1. FC  Union Berlin play their home games on a pitch covering 7.995 m².

The playing field has a size of 105 x 68 meters.

Outside of the playing field is artificial grass.

The pitch is equipped with a fully automatic heating and irrigation system.




Vip Area

Schlosserei - 1.300 m², 1.200 guests, divisible into three separate areas

Eisern Lounges - 790 m² in total, two separate usable lounges, room for up to 400 guests

Lounge area - 25 separately usable lounges, up to 20 guests, lounge anterooms with bar areas and seating


parking facilities

A car parc with a capicity of 450 vehicles is available in close proximity to the grandstand.

beer gardens

Four beer gardens are available. All are equipped with BBQ stations (10 in total) and bars (26 in total).


media technology

Media-technological networking via optical fiber for transmitting HD video signals, audio and data.

More than 100 cebtrally controlled 45-inch industrial displays with a modern IPTV sytem combined with "digital signage".




Press office

Modern press office with 40 working stations.

LED-Videoscreen with a solution of 2880 x 1080 pixels.



Camera towers

There are six camera platforms in the stadium, directly under the roof. One is located on the grandstand at midfield, one platform at the backgoal area, four platforms are located at the 16 meter line.





Four floodlights masts, each 40 meters tall, tgraining and underroof lighting installed at the roof structure.

In total there are more than 170 bulbs with each 2.000 watts.

Heating house

Behind the heating system, there is an output from 3.600 kw.




30 m² LED-Videoscreen under the roof with a solution of 800 x 600 pixels.



1. FC Union Berlin